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The Book of Self

& Other Drawings

Called "the New Age Thurber" by some, Gary''s thougthtful drawings will blow your mind, all these years later.

The Silly-Verse Universe

The principles of cosmology and physics explained in simple (and often silly) rhymes.

Ditty-Ditty Doggerel;
A Life from Bad to Verse

Who  is this Doggerel character, and why has his life gone from bad to verse? These "Zany and wise" rhymes will keep you snickering in wonderfully unexpected ways.

I Want to Write a Poem,

A chapbook featuring Gary's finest rhymes for kids. You'll laugh till it hurts...then you'll laugh to make yourself feel better.

My Pants Want to Dance

Gary performs 20 of his finest rhymes for kids in this exciting, exotic, and whimsical CD.

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