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VIDEO:  The Healthiest Man On Earth:
     A Poet's Journey With Parkinson's

     A mid-century boomer brat, Gary Turchin has his roots in the post-industrial soil of New Jersey (Linden, exit 136 off the Garden State Parkway). After some restless college years in Worcester, MA, he resettled in California in 1974. He started his creative career as a photographer, but his versatility and curiosity kept him exploring. other media. For 45 years, Gary has lived bravely on his creative edge. A well-traveled performing poet (for adult and juvenile audiences, see his YouTube channel @; a photo-graphic artist and illustrator, and now, with "Through a Broken Window," a novelist, Gary has never stopped producing original, thoughtful, humorous, and often profound work. This despite having been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease in 2004. Instead of dampening his spirit, it motivated him to keep going, leading to the production (in 2012) of his inspirational film, "The Healthiest Man On Earth: A Poet's Journey With Parkinson's," among other creative outpourings.

Two Figures
Sunflower Apocalypse
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