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I'm head-over-heels

In love with the Mango.

Don't tell Nectarine!

©2020 Gary Turchin

A thousand little irritants

The way mail piles up

the way we argue

the way we fail

and keep failing

the way we age

and carry grudges

the way we hurt ourselves

and each other

the way we smell

or others smell

the way we have to wait

the way we have to hurry

the way no one cares

the way we don't care

the way our government doesn't understand

the way our understanding doesn't matter

the way we live

or don't live

the way we die

or will die

and tomorrow

the Sun

like a giant ball of wonder

will bounce up happy and yellow

inventing each day

like it's the only thing that matters

©2020 Gary Turchin

Prayer Poem

Writing a poem

is like offering a prayer

to a God

that did not exist

until the poem

praised it.

©2020 Gary Turchin

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